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Главная » 2013 » Февраль » 14 » Rain or Shine ... Be My Valentine
Rain or Shine ... Be My Valentine
This is to thank you for being by side
For comforting and caring when I was all confused inside.
This is for the phone calls you make every day
Just to tell me "I love you” every minute of the day.

The way you take my hand in yours
For all the world to see
That this is the woman
Who is most special to me.

You always seem to know
When I need a hug, kiss or smile…
You never cease to amaze me
When you say, "I'm here…let's talk for a while.”

I adore the way you tell me,
"You are my forever best friend,”
I love the way I believe in you…
And that you will be there till the end.

Thank you for all the time you give me
And for saying, "It's never enough…”
Thank you for listening as I ramble on…
When things become rather tough.

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