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The Chuvash National Cuisine
31.10.2010, 22:10
    In Cheboksary, the capital of the Chuvash Republic, coupled with the Museum of Beer there is a Museum of the Chuvash National Cuisine, which is situated in the house of merchant Efremov, in the same room which served in the past as his kitchen and dining-room. The interior is decorated with embroidered in national style things, and also household items used in the family of the merchant.

In the past the Chuvash cuisine was diverse but not rich. The principle part of the nutrition was rye bread (hura schagar). In the daily nutrition of the Chuvash people there was no alternation of meals. The first course consisted of soup with dumplings (salma yashki, schamah yashki), soup with cereals, cabbage soup, borsch with turnip. In spring they cooked green soup with nettle and other herbs  (pultran yashki). For the second course they ate kashas of different cereals (pada), kissels (nimer) of oat, pea and rye flour. They took meals with buttermilk (uiran), sour milk (turah), and also the emulsion of hempseeds. For holidays the Chuvash women cooked hapartu – light white bread, huplu – a round big pie with complex meat and cereal filling, puremetch – big curd tarts with different fillings, and also meat pottage (ash kagai shurbi), boiled sausages tuldarmash, special kind of sausage (sharttan), and cheese of curds – chagat.

In the past the Chuvashes arranged all the holidays and customs only with the beer sara. At the same time the beer was a daily drink. It was made of barley malt and hops. The rich Chuvashes drank sim byl (old honey drink) and karchama (honey home brewed beer).

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