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How to Preserve Your Health
19.01.2011, 15:48

    One of the most important things you can do at any age is to eat right. A healthy, balanced diet has lots of benefits, including feeling better and looking better. Doctors recommend a diet heavy on fruit and vegetables, protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats including olive oil.

     As you consider your future health, this also might be a good time to lose any extra weight. Shedding pounds can help you stave off some of the most serious age-related health problems. But there is another reason to eat right - the vitamins and minerals found in healthy food.

     Boost our immune system and help our bodies to function better. Many vegetables and fruit contain chemicals, which improve cognitive functions and prevent disease. And Vitamin C, found in citrus fruit, helps us handle better in addition to helping us fight off colds.

     Many of us have busy lives with little or no time for exercise. But did you know that in addition to raising your metabolism, exercise can help extend your life and improve the quality of your life for years to come? One study found that walking one hour a day can extend your life expectancy by two years.

     Strength training is particularly beneficial to us because at the age of 40 we start to lose muscle mass each year, slowly becoming weaker. Strength training also improves your balance, helps you to sleep better and helps your heart.

      As with your body, the more you exercise your brain, the better it will function. People at any age can improve their memory and increase their capacity for learning.

      Taking steps to reduce stress also will help you to keep your brain functioning well as stress affects our memory and ability to learn new things. Being socially connеcted is important to our mental health and overall sense of well-being. You should also stay in close contact with your friends and family. And it’s never too late to stop such bad habits as smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, eating fatty food and not exercising.

benefitsпольза, выгода                                 to shed poundsтерять фунты (весa)

to stave off предотвратить (проблемы)           to boostповышать

cognitive functions умственные способности  strengthсила

to lose muscle mass терять мышечную массу brainмозг

affectнаносить ущерб                                     well-beingблагосостояние


1. What does healthy food mean?

2. Do you usually eat healthy food?

3. What does losing an extra weight help to do?

4. What else can extend your life and improve its quality?

5. Do you regularly do physical exercises?

6. Are there any age limits in improving your memory?

7. What affects your memory and ability to learn most of all?

8. What is important to your mental health?

9. Do you keep close contacts with your family and friends?

10. What are your bad habits?  

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