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A few words about the way of life and traditions of British people
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1.     The traffic regulations in Great Britain differ from ours: we are to keep to right, while they keep to the left.

2.     The English buses are very high, because they are double-decked.

3.     The concentration of some professions in certain streets is characteristic for London. For example, if someone works in Fleet Street, you know that he is a journalist, if someone works in Harley Street, you know that he is a medical man.

4.     The post-letter boxes are yellow in Britain while we have red and blue.

5.     The houses are not very big, they are mostly two-storeyed buildings with as many little gardens as there are lodgers in the houses. The windows of one and the same house are painted in different colours. And not only the windows, the doors, steps and walls are painted in different colours, everybody paints his own part of the house in the colours he likes the best.

6.   Central heating is found in very few houses even in London. In most rooms there is a fireplace. Englishmen are fond of spending their evenings round the fire. This is an old tradition.

7.   The English people like tea more than coffee, that’s why there are so many tea-rooms or tea-shops where people go shopping and can have a rest.

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